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Matt Robinson Director
and Film Maker


Founder of Migration Films, Matt has worked in the media industry for 25 years, as an editor on TV staples such as Strictly Come Dancing, Xtra Factor Rewind, The Only Way is Essex and Big Brother, and as a Director shooting videos for artists such as David Lachapelle, Artist Dale vN Marshall, Mark Owen of Take That and British rappers, Roots Manuva and Rodney P. His two movie credits are for editing ‘The Story Of’ and ‘White Collar Hooligan 2’.

In a concerted effort to bring an added element of social responsibility to his work, in the last 6 years he has also moved into production for the charity sector, where he has applied his skills to make a tangible difference to people’s lives, making videos for various projects. The life experience he has gained whilst working in this sector has changed him forever in terms of gratitude and appreciation for humanity. Content includes filming a cross Europe aid convoy to Greece, refugee camps in Lebanon and Turkey, open heart surgery on babies in Tanzania, water wells in Ethiopia and Bangladesh, food and water distributions in the desert in Somalia and Yemen, marathons in Morocco and Palestine and a rickshaw challenge in Pakistan.

He has been storytelling in the form of documentaries for years, and has a strong vision of how to tell each story through directing the actors, the cinematography and the pacing in the edit. Since making the anti-knife crime short performance drama of ‘Dagger’ with Tommy Evans in 2018, multi award winning ‘Isolate’ is his latest creation – a claustrophobic and uncomfortable short film looking at the affect on mental health that Isolation can have, particularly in the terrifying world of a pandemic.

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