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Sara Sabry


Sara Sabry is the first Egyptian Astronaut – the first African woman and the first Arab woman in space. Sabry has completed IIAS’s Project PoSSUM program to become the first Egyptian woman to complete a Suborbital Research Qualification training. In 2021, she became Egypt’s first female Analog Astronaut after completing a 2-week moon mission simulation with LunAres.

Sara Sabry is a PhD student in Aerospace at UND, where her research will focus on developing the next generation of planetary spacesuits at the NASA-funded Human Spaceflight Lab. As a mechanical and biomedical engineer, her wide range of experiences span from Mechatronics and Robotic Surgery, to Stem Cell Development and Bioastronautics. She is the CEO and founder of Deep Space Initiative (DSI), a non-profit company that aims to increase accessibility and opportunity in the space field while enabling deep space exploration for all Humankind. Additionally Sara is the co-founder of The Egyptian Space Agency’s Space Ambassador (SA) program, and is their first Astronaut Health & Performance SA. Sabry is also working with the Egyptian Space Agency on a number of exciting projects including building the first analog research station in Africa.


During her studies in Egypt, Sara was a Yoga instructor, CrossFit coach, and spent some time practicing Mixed Martial Arts. In 2016 she traveled around Africa volunteering in different schools and organizations, including a Women Empowerment Center in Uganda. As a firm believer in protecting our oceans, Sabry is an advanced open-water certified diver and has spent six weeks in Madagascar as a marine conservationist.

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