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Zalli is a charitable organisation whose objective is to promote positive transformation by emphasising the importance of compassion and kindness as core values globally. Zalli uses the art of storytelling to help us recognise and honour our common humanity and our responsibility to communicate the truth and foster compassion and kindness globally. At Zalli Foundation we place a particular emphasis on compassion and awareness of mental health issues. Through The Zalli Foundation, we aim to increase mental health awareness in three main ways:

  1. Through the power of storytelling

  2. By providing educational programmes for the community

  3. By organizing community events focused on mental health awareness

The Power of Story Telling

We aim to interview successful leaders of the 21st century who can inspire, empower and connect with people globally, online and offline.

Mental Health Education Programmes:

Through collaboration with clinical psychologists and world-class educators from Ivy League institutions, including Harvard University, Yale University, the University of Cambridge, and the University of Oxford, we also aim to educate people on mental health. We offer flexible courses that can be accessed globally 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Community Events: Let’s Talk Mental Health

The Zalli Foundation offers several mental health events, including “Let’s Talk Mental Health”, and “‘Potential Solutions for Mental Health”, among others. These activities are led by renowned professionals in the field of mental health and aim to educate the general public on mental health awareness.

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