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The 17-year-old Millionaire Who is Changing the World of Africa

Prosperity Olorunfemi is a Serial Entrepreneur and a Wealth Creation Expert who prides himself as a Wealth Creation Gospeller whose Gospel is meant for the youth. He is obsessed with seeing young people build capacity and create wealth through value-packed knowledge-sharing and programs. In 2022, driven by a strong desire to pave way for young people who are clueless and in dire need of clarity to live a distinguished life, he founded STANDOUT COMMUNITY, a community of over 300 young people, a platform which dishes out relevant value for holistic development of young people to enable them to navigate through the hurdles of life. In recognition of his tremendous works, he has been featured as one of the *Top 50 African Influencers*.


Prosperity, welcome to the leaders show. It is so nice to have you here. You are a young African Entrepreneur, a Digital Marketing Strategist, a TEDx organizer, and a millionaire. You are 18 years old (Prosperity is the age correct?). I would like to know more about Prosperity in his own words and what are you most passionate about.

What am I most passionate about? In my own words, I have a terrific love for my continent and what it offers us. Young people’s abilities can bring massive change to the world, starting with the little things and continuing into bigger things every day. That’s why I am passionate about the future of the world being in the hands of fantastic dreamers. to see people’s progress in life.

You are very active on LinkedIn, and you often post excellent articles where you encourage young entrepreneurs and leaders to pursue their goals. What is the key message you would like to transmit and why?

The key message I like to transmit is what I just said earlier. What is always spoken about is the ability to dream as big as you can. And that’s almost my main point: most people don’t listen. I am an unbelievable dreamer, and because of these dreams, I kind of built myself through them. Right now, a message I would like to get around is the thought that all of the potential in Africa will need people who care about the profits of personal gain.

The former prime minister of the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill once said: “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage that counts.” How much does Prosperity relate to this quote?

Well, this is absolutely perfect because I am a very big fan of success and I tried last time to understand what success really means. Depending on your definition of success, failure is never fatal, so I absolutely stand by that point. I believe so much in failing forward. It is very easy to fail when you dream as big as we do, and as far and as much as I dream. So many times, dreams are not achievable, but I believe in failing forward. When you fail, it is important to not fall. You can pick it up and say, “Okay, you’re going very far.” So, no, failure is not fatal, and success is not final; courage is the one that counts. It is also more than simply believing in yourself; you are believed to have the ability to make a difference.

Prosperity, you are 18 years old, and you are very successful. In fact, you became a millionaire, when you were 17 years old, which is quite rare and remarkable. What is the secret to your success? How did you develop your leadership style?

Well, I am not successful yet. What I call myself is a successful entrepreneur. Most of the time, I see success as the achievement or fulfillment of a standard you set for yourself. I have not yet met the standard I set for myself. So, I am not successful yet. The key to the progress of my entrepreneurial life is due to all the things I see. Your actions today are based on your past experiences and the environment you live in. and the sacrifices people have made for you. Everything I am today is due to all the people who have guided me. But, most specifically, the person who guided me was my mom. She sacrificed everything for me. I do feel fulfilled by all the achievements of my business, but I am not successful yet. And that’s my entrepreneurial style and life.

Of course, to be successful, one must take risks. What is the most considerable risk you have taken?

This is an amazing question! There are a lot of considerate risks. The biggest risk I took was attempting to complete every new detail phase. I believe it is a very big risk. I love exploring and going to new places. So, because I like franchising differently, it is the biggest risk. It has an impact on everything about me, everything I see and everything I do, every single action I take. Every option is basically risky when you always think about going to new places and exploring new opportunities. It brings a risky side out in the open for any business.

Tell me a leadership quote that has inspired you in your life.

I think I read this in a leadership book. It’s advice that opened my eyes, but for everyone, it comes differently. For me, it was very important because it changed everything. It changed the way I started to look at the world and how I started to understand everything around me. It was a line I read in a book by Napoleon Hill. “You don’t chase anyone; you are transformed.” That was it for me. I started living a new life when I realised that money doesn’t give you freedom. And how far you can see determines how far you can go!


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