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The Genius of Television Programmes

Olsa Muhameti graduated in Journalism at the University of Tirana where she finished her Bachelor's and also finished her Master's in ‘Public Relationship’.

After she finished university, she worked for 3 years as a journalist in "Kult” magazine, but once she operated in the magazine world, her life took another direction by coming into the world of television. First, Muhameti was given to moderate the tv program "Faqja e Pare", for one year on "Koha" television, then worked for five years as a journalist at "Klan" TV programs. Also, she was the author of "Edicioni Veror", for the summer.

In 2018, Muhameti started working at "Top Channel" where she created and directed the summer production "Pushime on Top" which was broadcasted on "Top Channel". Six months later, she was chosen as the author of the first season of "Hell’s Kitchen Albania".

Muhameti continued being the author of the second edition of "Pushime on Top" and in September 2019 she was appointed to be the author of the "E Diell" program, where she created 2 new sections, "Për'puthen" and "Beauty". Four months later, she started her newest project, "Shqipëria Live".

In September 2020, Muhameti recreated the show called "Për'puthen"on Top Channel, where she continues to be also the author of “Për'puthen +40” and “Për'puthen Prime”  show to the present day.


Good morning, Olsa! It is an honour to have you with us today! Olsa, you are one of the brightest minds in Albania. You are the author of the "Perputhen" programme, which is being broadcast on one of the most popular and successful Albanian television networks, "Top Channel." As the author of various different programmes such as "Vacation on Top," "Albania Live," and two editions of the international show "Hell's Kitchen Albania," among many others, but who is Olsa in her words? How would you describe yourself?

In fact, success came to me very quickly, almost immediately, and what I am most proud of is that despite all the success, I continued to be the same in every aspect. I have not changed at all, and I continue to be the same expressive, energetic person who has goals and aspirations for her life. I am someone who works very hard  because my parents and grandparents instilled in me the belief that nothing worthwhile can be accomplished without consistent effort and that each of us must strive to be better than we were the day before.

My journey to become a better version of myself has been a process that has accompanied me step by step. I believe that I am an active young woman, and I can honestly say that I am still the same 20-year-old girl that I was yesterday, albeit more mature, with more life experience, and more financially independent because this is also a part of the maturation process.

What was your childhood like? Did you think about the success you would have? Has there been anything or anyone that has inspired you? I know you live with your mother. How important has she been in your journey?

My mother was and still is very important to me because I've needed her confirmation at every stage of my life, even now that I'm an adult and am perfectly capable of making my own decisions. I have always wanted and still want my mom’s "yes.". I feel much stronger when I have her support and her blessings.

I still remember the time when I wanted to buy my very first car, but I was hesitant because it would require a financial investment. The support and encouragement that I received from my mother gave me a lot of confidence, which led me to buy my first car. The power of my mom’s words had a profound impact on me.

 With regard to my childhood, when I look back, I have nothing but fond memories of the time. I can't help but feel a pang of nostalgia whenever I think back to all the times I spent with the other kids at the playground playing a variety of games. At that time, we did not have access to the internet, and we used our creativity to play different games. I consider myself really fortunate to have had a wonderful upbringing and to now be in a position where I can take pleasure in the ever-expanding realm of internet culture and technological advancement.

How do you balance the commitments of your personal and professional lives?

I live my life in cycles; right now, I'm transitioning from a period of relaxation and rest into a period of work, and this cycle will continue for the next two months. During this time, I'll also be following a diet, doing a detox, and making other lifestyle changes that will help me stay in good health. Usually, after a period of intense work, I typically reward myself by taking a week off to be with the people I care about and that I love.

To a great extent, I've been successful in maintaining an equilibrium between my private and professional lives. However, I can also say that sometimes my personal life suffers as a result of the fact that I am pursuing my career. For example, at the moment, I am single. However, I have learned to find love in other, more beautiful ways.

Every person has a deep purpose in life. What is your purpose?

Thinking of my dreams and purposes, I believe one of the key factors for me has been to feel and be "free." One thing that I have never done is give up any of my autonomy, whether it be in my work, my personal life, or the decisions that I make. I have always had the goal of accomplishing a lot in my life, but I am not particularly ambitious. I believe that being very ambitious sometimes blinds you and impedes you from enjoying life.

I believe that we do not know where we come from or where we are headed, but the key thing is to live a life full of significant accomplishments, the echoes of which will be felt for a very long time.

Thank you so much, Olsa, for the interview! We look forward to seeing you continue to make a positive impact on your community and country, just like you already have.


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