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Zalli Outreach

Outreach is at the heart of Zalli Foundation


We aspire to inspire the young generation of students to lead in STEM by providing educational opportunities and fostering connections between students globally online and offline

We aspire to inspire the young generation of students and women by providing opportunities for underrepresented students to participate in leadership and STEM courses taught by world-renowned academic experts. We place a high emphasis on diversity and multiculturalism. At the Zalli Foundation, we promote a multicultural and diverse atmosphere where students of different nations and cultures work together (online and offline) on cutting-edge Leadership and STEM projects supervised by a world expert. We collaborate with schools, colleges, educational charities, and community organisations to eliminate racism with science. You can find here examples of some of the projects that we have completed in collaboration with We Speak Science here.

We collaborate with healthcare facilities and offer comprehensive training programmes  focused  on Genomic Medicine and Precision Oncology to prepare future healthcare clinicians from academia and industry how to work with cutting-edge science to improve patients’ lives. Through highly effective data analysis and foresight, we enable effective digital transformation and innovation and improve education of the healthcare professionals.

Through our partnership with We Speak Science, we promote Lectures That Last. These are a series are lectures aimed at inspiring students all over the world, with a particular focus on students from ethnic and racial minorities and low socio-economic status. Here, world-renowned scientists and professors from the world’s most prestigious universities and industries share their knowledge, advice, and words of wisdom to inspire students to succeed. All students around the world can access these lectures at no cost. If you would like to know more about this initiative, please click here.

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