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The Young Leaders Show

TYLS was inspired by Destin Mine, while he watched his mother leading workshops in education and leadership. The TYLS encourages aspirational thinking across a wide range of topics, including climate change, global warming, engineering, and leadership. The show is hosted by Valentino Mine but led by his mother, Dr. Mine. 
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Stories that Empower​


TYLS also focuses on storytelling. Here, Valentino interviews world-class leaders about their paths to success in order to inspire the next generation of leaders. 

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Interview with Valentino - The Great Successes of Sabrina Ben Salmi
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Interview with Valentino Mino- The Secrets of Success with Aulona Minga
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Interview with Willian Da Silveira
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All You Need To Know About Volcanoes

Share your Stories​


We want to hear your success story. We aspire to celebrate our uniqueness and diversity by

inspiring and connecting with others through humanism, compassion, and leadership.

Use the hashtags:

 #truestories  #leadwithcompassion #theleadersshow

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